Welcome to Casa Bazaar! The shop was started by myself, Tiffany Clapp - artist, photographer, and avid traveler, out of my love for the aforementioned, treasure hunting, jewelry + interior design, the environment, and the desire to reduce the amount of wasteful spending on trendy, mass manufactured goods. While the idea for the shop came from the need to do something with my old jewelry supplies, it evolved into something more meaningful. I found that my own home was full of items from my travels around the globe or local second-hand shops and I wanted to give people who don't have the time to travel or thrift sift a way to do the same within their homes.

In the shop you'll find an eclectic mix of items suitable for your traditional, bohemian, and coastal decor desires from interior jewelry to vintage + handmade housewares to Japanese porcelain + Portuguese majolica kitchen and dining ware. While choosing goods for the shop I look for any indication that it was mass produced and do as much on the spot research as I can. When I do find something that has shop potential I try to imagine the home that it came from or the artist that made it, then I imagine the home it will go to next - the people that will appreciate it, what the rest of the home might look like, and how it will fit in. If I like what I see in my mind's eye, it comes with me!

As the photographer and artist of all the non vintage artwork, you will find I tend to see the world in the abstract while appreciating life's natural and often little details. The photographs were either taken on my travels around the world with my wonderful grandmother, an immigrant from Cuba, or somewhere closer to home - most likely a botanical garden! The artwork is mostly acrylic and/or water color and is signed with my signature cursive 217. The number holds very significant meaning between me and my dad who is gone but will never be forgotten.


The goal is to remind homeowners and interior designers that a house becomes a home when it is filled with meaning and to encourage intentional living. What is meaningful about mass produced products made in a factory oversees, often at the hands of people who were paid unfairly and will be tossed aside for the next trendy version?  There is so much incredible, previously loved and/or lovingly made home goods + decor items with a story to tell.  At Casa Bazaar I've done all the treasure hunting so you can enjoy all the shopping!

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